About Outcry Now

Outcry Now is the result of 11 years experience in fighting the good fight to uphold freedom of speech and human rights through our sister (mother?) NGO, Un Mundo Sin Mordaza. Along the way we realized that in order to stage good protest or great events like concerts or art shows we needed funds. This is true of all NGO's. So slowly we asked our contributing artist and designers to create wearable protest signs, t-shirt, which we sold to help finance our events. It helped...So after toying with the idea for years we decided to create a separate company the sells protest t-shirts world wide. Our goal is simply to help fund NGO's around the world to fight the good fight. And of course bring the issues to the for front and make those conversations happen that maybe will start the next revolution! (we hope!!)

How do we donate all our proceeds? We pay the designers, admin cost, electricity etc, and everything else gets put in a pot to be donated to different NGO's around the world. (Full disclosure ours too) In the future we will have great charts explaining where these funds get invested and what impact they had, but for now we will have an end of year statement that every customer who bought a t-shirt will receive or will be able to see on the site, explaining how or were the funds were spent. 

We are not strictly speaking an non for profit company by design because we want to be a totally committed socially responsible for "profit" company. We just reinvest ALL OUR PROFITS fund Freedom of Speech and Human Rights around the world.

Lastly we believe in FS and HR but we also care about the environment so we decided not to impact the world by ordering thousands of t-shirts that might or not be sold, so we pretty much print to order, so there is very little waist. We are also looking to fade in better printing practices and materials that are responsibly harvest. 

 If you want to know more about our history and Un Mundo Sin Mordaza read below:

Un Mundo Sin Mordaza was born on June 25, 2009 after the global protest No More Closings, in which more than 20 countries and 30 cities joined to show solidarity in the situation that Venezuela was living at the time.

The organization was founded with the aims to institutionalize the “global solidarity” movement and extend its purpose worldwide and by unconventional ways. This is why in 2010 Sin Mordaza Art is created with the intentions to include global artists and promote the cause of freedom. Since then, the organization promotes art as a means not only defense certain causes, but also to enhance social awareness through high-impact methods.

Thus, Un Mundo Sin Mordaza, is today an international organization that promotes human rights, freedom and justice through creativity and art in all its manifestations: humor, poetry, music, among others. Every year, Un Mundo Sin Mordaza seeks to make a critical and artistic statement on the reality of human rights in the world.

“To be free is not just untie the strings themselves, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others” Nelson Mandela.

Un Mundo Sin Mordaza is an international organization that defends and promotes human rights and freedom of citizens of the world through art and creativity.

We focus on raising awareness about the importance of artistic activism in human rights and solidarity without bor-ders against any violation thereof. Generate emotions and connections in the real world, and 2.0 to facilitate global solidarity. We build networks of volunteers and artists worldwide to channel positive action and create a culture in favor of freedom and respect for human dignity.