Our Featured NGO

All proceeds from the sale of these t-shirts are donated directly to Yo Defiendo Venezuela

Defiende Venezuela is a pro-bono non-governmental organisation dedicated to representing victims of human rights violations at the international level, especially before: the IACHR, the Universal Human Rights System, and the International Criminal Court. In three years, the organisation has grown into a team of 15 lawyers representing over 200 victims –ranging from patients with untreated diseases, victims of torture, and to some of the most influential opposition leaders. So far, its strategy has proven to be effective with a 100% admissibility rate at the IACHR. Moreover, and given the abundance of victims, it has also trained over 500 defenders on how to document and file cases internationally, thus increasing civil society's commitment and enabling other professionals to become agents of social change.


OUTCRY NOW is a non for profit-private partnership where all our profits gets donated (invested) in NGO's that fight for Freedom of Speech and equality. The way it works is all proceeds, that is after we pay products, designers and admin expenses, EVERYTHING else, that's 100%, gets donated to NGO that fight for Human Rights, Freedom of Speech and Equality.

Outcry Now

We've been at it for 12 years

Outcry Now comes from our brother NGO for freedom of speech and human rights. Our experience is rooted on the struggles to help free Venezuela from governmental censorship and oppression. If you are interested please follow our NGO Un Mundo Sin Mordaza  on instagram or Facebook

What we are doing now

The struggle for fair and clear democratic elections in Venezuela is one of our main focus right now. There is no free press in Venezuela as the Maduro regime has sidelined or imprisoned all independent reporters. Check our YouTube TV channel for the latest events.

Bring world issues to the foreground

Through what we call "wearable protest" signs we would like to bring to the forefront of conversations issues around the world. We believe that by even wearing a simple T-shirt with a message you want to bring forward can start world changing conversations.